Emergency Information


If you live in a NYSEG area, and experience a power outage or natural gas emergency, such as a gas leak, contact the utility immediately. Even though you may have chosen an alternate energy services company for your energy supply, NYSEG is still responsible for maintaining and operating the power lines and/or pipes in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, your energy services company is unable to resolves such emergencies so be sure to keep your utility phone number handy in case a situation like this arises.


NYSEG phone number for power outages: 1-800-572-1131


NYSEG phone number for natural gas emergencies: 1-800-572-1121




Emergency Information


The following numbers are for Hancock Telephone Company, Hancock Video and Pronet during normal business hours and after hours.


Main Office phone number: (607) 637-9911 (from all 635 & 637 telephones)

Toll Free phone number: (800) 360-4664


Repair Line phone number: (607) 637-9911

24 hours/day; Nights, Sundays & Holidays